The Income for Life! book describes how to identify and evaluate investments that have a long history of providing generous, growing income to their owners.

The key of course is to learn to successfully discover THE investments that have the potential to provide you with generous, growing income in the future.

To that end, I have created three forms to make your investment evaluation easier.

You can certainly successfully evaluate investments without these forms. However, the forms will save you hours upon hours of time and effort.

The Excel Spreadsheet of Growth-of-Income™ Stocks set up for Data Updates includes a list of more than 300 Growth-of-Income™ Stocks, and is ready to accept data updates from the Telemet Orion website, an independent data provider (as explained in Income for Life! ). It may be used with other data provider websites as well.

The Growth-of-income™ Stock Evaluation forms for Limited Partnerships and REIT's, and for Corporations, will guide you through the process of investigating a company and its prospects.


Growth-of-income™  Stock  Analysis Forms

After purchase you will go to download page, where you will be able to print the forms.
You may print the forms as you need them.

NOTE: To get to download page and access your forms, click "Return to Merchant" after payment is complete.


Excel spreadsheet with Growth-of-income™ stocks, and set up for Telemet Orion data input or data from another provider - $15.00



Growth-of-Income™ Stock Evaluation form for Limited Partnerships and REIT’s - $15.00



Growth-of-Income™ Stock Evaluation form for Corporations - $15.00



Get all three forms in one package: Data input ready Excel spreadsheet with Growth-of-income™ stocks plus the two Stock Evaluation forms - $35.00 (save $10.00)



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