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About the Author and Income for Life!Norman L. Barnett, Author

Norman L. Barnett has earned professional credentials as a Registered Securities Principal, a Registered Options Principal, a Registered Municipal Securities Principal, and a Registered Investment Adviser. He is a former member of both the Boston and the Rhode Island Societies of Security Analysts.

Barnett developed the Growth-of-Income™ investment discipline in response to a client’s request that they get generous, growing income from their capital.

As the Growth-of-Income™ investment discipline proved its ability to produce generous, growing income despite market and interest rate turmoil, it became clear that it could serve the needs of the great many investors who need cash flow from their investments. This includes the many retirees who need cash flow from their retirement savings, as well as trustees of institutions that need cash flow from their endowments to support their institution’s mission.

Income for Life! book shares publicly for the first time, in step-by-step fashion, how to use the Growth-of-Income™ investment management process to choose investments to produce generous, growing income, regardless of the direction of the securities markets or interest rates.

Dr. Barnett holds both the MBA and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degrees from the Harvard Business School, where he formerly was a Research Fellow.  Before entering Harvard, Barnett earned a Bachelor of Science degree from NewYork University, where he studied both engineering and business and won the Founders' Day Award for Scholarship.


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