Testimonials about the book:

"If you have wasted a lot of $ on ridiculous schemes to make $ in the stock market, you have found the help you need.

Income for Life is an easy to understand way to make money over time with an easy to understand nicely laid out method for the small or large investor to make $ in an up or down market..."

~ MR, Vancouver, WA


 “I am very excited about your book. . . . .  I/we as a family do not have a firm setting on retirement and I am sure your book will help me, help my family . . . . . ”

~ Ron Rowan










THE Book FOR PEOPLE WHO Want . . .

Income for Life: read this book to learn how to invest for growing, spendable income!
Income for Life! is the revolutionary investment book that shares the secret of the Growth-of-Income™ investment process.

Income for Life! will show you, step-by-step, how to identify and select investments to give you generous, growing, spendable income, regardless of the direction of the stock markets or interest rates.

The last ten years was one of the most difficult periods for investing in history. Yet, take a look at what happened in a Growth-of-Income™ portfolio vs Dow Jones Industrial Average portfolio:

• An actual Growth-of-Income™ portfolio produced 700% of the investment income that owners of a Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) portfolio got, when each portfolio’s owner withdrew all portfolio income, with the minimum annual withdrawal equal to 6% of initial capital;

• After ten years, the Growth-of-Income™ portfolio market value was 400% of that of the DJIA portfolio. The actual Growth-of-Income™ portfolio’s ten-year total return was 11.4% per year, compounded; the DJIA portfolio’s was -4.6% per year, compounded.

Income for Life! was written by a seasoned investment professional, Norman Barnett,  – a man who used the selection and management techniques he shares with you to produce high, growing income for his clients over many years. 

Income for Life! will show you how to produce generous and growing income from your savings - money you can spend, without spending your savings!

Income for Life! may well be the key to your investing for retirement income with more peace of mind.


©  2010-2011 Norman L. Barnett

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